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Solution Control of Rhizome rot of Ginger and Turmeric using Trichoderma.
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Last update: 27/05/2006
Summary Modern day agriculture emphasizes the use of organics and bio-input for quality crop production. To remove the pesticide load or at least keep the pesticide residue below MRL (Maximum Residue Level), scientists or agricultural technocrats are emphasizing on judicious use of chemical pesticides. In recent past, experiment on bi-control agents has given encouraging results. All over India, rhizome rot disease caused by Phytophthora, is still a major problem for the production of ginger and turmeric.
To prevent this disease, the growers indiscriminately use various plant protection chemicals/fungicides that increase the total pesticidal load of the produce. Even in some cases these pesticides fails to give appreciable control of the disease. In this context, use of Trichoderma viride as a seed treating material may be a solution to this problem. Various researchers observed that incidence of rhizome rot disease were minimum or almost negligible without any pesticidal application when Trichoderma was applied as seed inoculants.
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Contributed by person details Ms. Jhulan Ghose (CI, TeleSupport India)
Challenge/Issue Rhizome rot is a serious disease of ginger and turmeric in West Bengal. In severe cases, it results in huge yield loss.
Method Trichoderma can be applied before planting of rhizome in the field. Generally it is used as seed treating material with water and acacia gum followed by drying of rhizome in partial shade. The amount varies according to the size and weight of planting material.
Lessons learned So farmers should make aware about the beneficial role of Trichoderma for production of pesticide residue free ginger and turmeric.
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