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Solution Control of rice leaf-folder
Country India
Last update: 08/09/2006
Summary Method
Flood the rice field with 6 cm standing water. Run a bullock drawn leveler over the rice crop twice (cris-cross). Drain out the water.
The nest of rice leaf-folder get damage, and the larva flot on the water, drainage of water carry the larva out of the rice field.
This is being practised by the farmers of Cooch Behar District of West Bengal India.
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Contributed by person details Dr. Bidhan Roy (TeleSupport India, COBKVK)
Challenge/Issue Cause sever foliar damage, some times it cause total damage of the crop.
Method Keep 3-6 cm standing water in the rice field. Run a bullock drawn levler over the infested rice plants twise (cris-cross). Drainout the standing water and keep free of water for 2-4 days.
Lessons learned -Flooding the field (3-6 cm)
-Run leveler
-Drain out the water
-Keep the field free of standing water for 2-4 days
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