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Solution Domestic preparation of low-cost fungicide: Bordeaux miture
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Last update: 04/02/2011
Summary Cost incurred to control fungal diseases in many worm and humid areas is huge. Especially, for crops like pointed gourd, potato, betelvine etc. it accounts a large proportion of cost of cultivation. Domestic preparation of Bordeaux mixture can cut this expenditure. Experiences in West Bengal has shown a cost cut of 50% in comparison to the commercially available cu-fungicides. This has been an old practice but not widely adopted by the farmers. If some necessary precautions are taken this can be resorted to as a good alternative.
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Contributed by person details Dr. Rupak Goswami (CI, TeleSupport India)
Challenge/Issue Fungal infestation in vegetables and fruit crops is common in worm and humid weather situation. Farmers incur a huge cost to control these fungal diseases. Low cost copper fungicide Bordeaux mixture, which can be prepared by the farmers themselves can be used to cut this cost within a manageable limit.
Method 1. Take 5 litre of water in two separate earthen/plastic pots
2. Take 50 g of copper sulphate in one pot and 50-60 g of hydrated lime in another (both available in local market)
3. After several hours sieve the mixtures with fine cloth and keep in separate earthen/plastic pots
4. Now pour the hydrated lime solution into the copper sulphate solution slowly
5. Keep on stirring the mixture with wooden stick while pouring lime solution
6. Dip a knife/blade into the solution intermittently and examine whether any rusty deposition is observed. Stir and go on adding dydrated lime solution until the rusty deposition disappears
7. Apply the mixture fresh without much delay, preferably in the morning in a dry and sunny day. In this way, the plants have the time to dry and the solution can not penetrate into the leaves' tissues

This is 0.5% Bordeaux mixture. Double the amount of copper sulphate and lime to prepare 1.0% mixture.

Acknowledgement: 1. 'Fasaler Rog-Pokar Oshudh' by Gostha Nyayban and Partha Pratim Chowdhury
2. 'Gharoa Sobjibagan' by Directorate of Extension, BCKV, Mohanpur, Nadia, West Bengal, India
Lessons learned *** Application should be done carefully as the copper can leach out and pollute streams. Avoiding soil application can reduce this problem to some extent.

1. 0.5% solution is used for foliar application and 1% solution is used for root, vine and soil drenching
2. It can be applied against root rot, stem rot, leaf spot, wilting, soft rot, early and late blight, canker of citrus, anthracnose etc.
3. This mixture can be used in crops like tomato, chilli, potato, pointed gourd, ridge gourd, cucurbits, citrus, betelevine, ginger, flowers and ornamental plants.
4. Use of earthen/plastic pot (not metal pot) and wooden stick is a must
5. Apply the prepared solution on few plants and watch if any ill effects are observed. This can avoid the problems that might happen due to admixtures in market grade copper sulphate.
6. Spraying at 10-15 days interval is recommended
7. Spraying should be done on both side of the leaves
8. Addition of 10 g soft soap per litre of mixture increase the efficiency of the fungicide
9. Constantly shake the sprayer while in the process of application to prevent the solution from clogging
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