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Solution Control of blast in high yielding varieties of paddy
Last update: 19/10/2006
Summary Under irrigated agro-eco region in paddy-wheat production system some of the high yielding varieties are becoming susceptible to blast. It has been observed that high infestation of blast reduces paddy yield up to 60 per cent. Majority of farmers are not applying any fungicide or other control measures to control this disease. Application of recommended pesticides at proper stages for efficient control of blast in paddy improves the productivity and returns from this crop.
Contributed by person details Mrs. Shivani Yadav (CASA, TeleSupport India, SIKSA)
Challenge/Issue High infestation of blast under irrigated agro-eco region reduces the yield up to 60 per cent and quality of grain.
Method Following spray schedules are followed for effective control:

1. Tricyclazole 75 WP @ 300 gm/ha (2 sprays)
2. Carbendazim @ 1.0 kg/ha (two sparay)
Lessons learned Farmers should apply Tricyclazole 75 WP @ 300 gm/ha (2 sprays) at tillering and panicle emerging stage to control blast in paddy.
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2.1 Production System 1. Mono-culture
2.2 Production Chain 3. Pest & Disease Control
2.4 Food Crops Rice (Oryza)
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