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Solution Domestic preparation of feed for Khaki Campbell ducks
Country India
Last update: 08/12/2006
Summary Rural women can easily prepare feed for the Khaki Campbell ducks by utilizing the available resources (mostly agricultural) at their disposal. The by products of cereals (wheat, rice, maize etc.), manures of plant origin (groundnut, soybean, mustard cakes etc.), small aquatic creatures like geri, googli etc. can be used as the feed for these ducks.
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Contributed by person details Dr. Rupak Goswami (CI, TeleSupport India)
Challenge/Issue Khaki Campbell ducks need more and quality food for yielding to its full potential. The rural women, who are mostly taking care of Khaki Campbell ducks, are quite unaware of their nutritional need, which are very much different from the indigenous ducks raised by them so far. As most of these ducks are reared in open yard system, proper care of their nutritional need becomes even hazardous. Available mash in the market is costly to many of the poor households and uncontrolled and luxurious consumption of feed often add to the feeding cost. That is why preparation of feed from locally (often within the household)available resources can be a good way out to meet the nutritional requirement of the ducks without incurring much cost
Method For a description of the method in bengali see 'Publications' tab

Each duck needs 50 gram of food per day when reared in open yard system. The composition of feed for two ducks will be as follows -

Broken wheat grain/rice/maize grain - 40 g
Broken rice grain (husk and/or hull)- 28 g
Cakes (Khail)- 30 g
Vitamin/mineral supplement- 2g
geri, googli can be used as a replacement or supplement to Khail

The feed should be given in 2 splits, in the morning and evening hours.
Lessons learned This homemade feed can replace the bad habit of feeding overnight boiled rice to the birds which can invite fungal infection.
Cakes should be dried well before serving to the ducks to avoid any danger of fungal attack.
Anthelmintics should be given to the birds to avoid attacks from worm which can be transmitted through geri, googli.

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