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Resource Telecentre Goes Mobile and Green
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Last update: 24/12/2010
Type: (e-)Newsletter (article)
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Year of publication: 2008
Target countries: India
Summary This article reports on Telecentre on Wheels (ToW), an effort by Change Initiatives at information dissemination in rural communities through the usage of ICT tools. Change Initiatives was initiated in collaboration with University of Manchester with funding from DFID, and has been working with rural communities in the field of ICT for development in the Indian state of West Bengal for the past five years. It started its journey with the Nabanna Information Network that was initially supported by UNESCO with the objective of developing a knowledge network amongst rural women to share information that can bring change in the quality of their life.]

Change Initiatives has once again come up with an innovative solution for reaching out to the remote areas of West Bengal. It has successfully powered a laptop with solar energy to get going its Telecentre on Wheel project[i] which is a manually run rickshaw van fitted with a laptop and solar panels to power the laptop. With the support of UNESCO, New Delhi and the West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency (WBREDA), the Telecentre on Wheel (TOW) initiative was launched on November 6, 2007 at Ghoragacha in West Bengalís Nadia district. This concept was jointly developed by the WBREDA and Change Initiatives.

The solar panel embedded on the top allows energy generation from the sun. In rural India, several places have never experienced the benefits of electricity. In such a situation, use of ICTs becomes impossible unless an alternative source of energy is used. TOW serves the purpose very well as the two 75 watt solar panels allow the generation of enough energy to power a laptop and an ink jet printer for more than four hours. The TOW is environment friendly in more than one way: the vehicle does not use any fuel to move across villages.
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