Activity Acerola Outgrowers project Carifruits
Country Suriname
Last update: 25/04/2019
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Countries: Suriname 
Background Carifruits is a beverage producing company with various product assortment like juices, low fruit drink and non-dairy drinks. As raw material fruit concentrate and fruit puree are used. Carifruits also produced some of the fruit puree. For the acerola fruit puree Acerola fruit is needed. To assure that enough fruits with good quality is supplied to Carifruits a collaboration was set with selected outgrowers. For the transparency a service level agreement is set which the expectation of Carifruits and outgrower are placed like the use of pesticide.
Objective With this project carifruits will raise awarness among farmers in responsible use of pesticide cultivation of fruits and crops.
List Keywords
1.1 Socio- economic Sector (OECD) 311 Agriculture
1.4 Target group(s) 2. SMEs/Private sector
1. Local communities
2.2 Production Chain 2. Production & Management
8. Quality Control
3. Pest & Disease Control
4. Harvesting
3.2 Pollution-Environmental Protection 6. Pesticides & toxics
7.1 Suriname-Districts Wanica
Role Organisation Acronym
Network organisation details Food & Nutrition Security-Suriname netwerk FNS-Suriname