Activity Common Beans project
Country Suriname
Last update: 08/04/2019
Countries: Suriname 
Background For 2 years evaluation trials are being carried out on 10 imported Brazilian beans varieties. For the first year the trials with these varieties were set up in Brokopondo and Klaaskreek. At Brokopondo centre 4 of the 10 varieties survived the rainy season and for Klaaskreek this was 9 of the 10 varieties. The production was reasonable. These trials were repeated on the fields of ODLOAV, which failed. The second time on these fields also failed due to waterlogging. For this year trials are again set up in Klaaskreek and on the sandy soils of Dirkshoop, an experimental garden of the department of research. This year the evaluations are prolonged.

Upon request of the ministry of agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries 10 Brazilian beans varieties, together with the expertise of Embrapa came to Suriname.
Objective to make observations on the performance of the imported beans varieties
Role Person name
Project leader person details Mrs. Antoinette Djoeneri