Activity proposed: (china) Agricultural Technology Demonstration Center in Suriname
Country Suriname
Last update: 08/04/2019
Lead organisation organisation details Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries
Coordinator person details Yvonne Ramnarain
Budget US - US Dollar 350
Countries: Suriname 
Background In June 2017 a diagnostic mission consisting of different experts from china visited Suriname. This mission conducted field visits and stakeholder"s meetings within the agricultural sector. The conclusion at the end of the mission was there is potential for establishment of a demonstration center with accommodation, greenhouses, packinghouse and hatchery/ nursery for aquaculture. For this purpose 33 ha at Tawajari- polder in district Wanica has been identified.
There are indications for the possibilities for a demonstration center in Suriname. Therefore a feasibility study will perform in this year
Objective - Setting up a modern demonstration center for agricultural technology with advanced applicable technology experiments, demonstrations, promotion, training and demonstration of new varieties, agricultural machinery and fish feed processing.
-improvement of the safe food production capacity in Suriname and to acce;erate the transformation from traditional to modern agriculture with the help of technical training, service and the leading effect of the demonstraton center
Role Person name
Project leader person details Yvonne Ramnarain
Support staff person details Esther Doelahasori