Activity Status breadfruit plants
Country Suriname
Last update: 06/08/2018
Countries: Suriname 
Summary Breadfruit plants are donated by Global Breadfruit in order to strengthen food security and good food nutrition on national level and especially in rural areas and to increase foreign exchange by exporting of value added products.
Background The district Coronie received 250 breadfruit plants from the breadfruit Project: ECTAD Suriname - Global Breadfruit. In September this year 2018 it is needed to in what staus the plants are.
For example:
1. What is the length of the plant
2. Do the plants have diseases
3. Do the plants have branches and how many.
4. Are the plants flowering

5. How many plants died and what were the reasons
6. Are the plants in a healthy status?
7. What kind of fertilizers were used in what frequency
8. Were pesticides used: why, how much?

9. Were the plants grown in a biological way?
10. What kind of training is needed for the farmer for further growing
Objective Monitoring the growth of the breadfruit plants.
Setup and activities Breadfruit plants received from Global Breadfruit, USA.
(Expected) Results The plants should be in a good condition, with branches and a height of 1 meter.
List Keywords
1.1 Socio- economic Sector (OECD) 311 Agriculture
1.4 Target group(s) 2. SMEs/Private sector
1. Local communities
2.2 Production Chain 7. Marketing
9. Consumption/Product Use
6. Processing
2.4 Food Crops Breadfruit (Artocarpus)
7.1 Suriname-Districts Coronie
Role Person name
Support staff person details Ms. Gitana Plak