Solution Prevent loss of agrobiodiversity
Last update: 25/04/2019
Summary The development and maintenance of genebanks or collections of plant genetic resources prevents the loss of the genetic diversity within crop species important for food and nutrients security
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Challenge/Issue Climate change and other environment related changes as well as human activities cause disturbance of cultivation systems including loss of no longer adapted or needed plant genetic resources in production fields / regions.
Method Development of genebanks (germplasm conserved as accessions in in vitro, seed chambers, in situ and ex situ field collections / gene banks)
Characterization and evaluation of the accessions and conservation of as such obtained data in a hard copy (field forms) and or digital database
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Network Organisation organisation details Food & Nutrition Security-Suriname netwerk FNS-Suriname
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Extension leaflet, brochure, policy brief or poster output details CASSAVA EX SITU FIELD GENEBANKS, Factsheet 1 Description 1,055kb
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