Resource Final Report Suriname HiAP Consultancy
Type Final Technical Report (FTR)
Last update: 03/03/2019
Type: Final Technical Report (FTR)
Language English
Year of publication: 2015
Authors: Erik Blas
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Summary Following the world’s first Health in All Policies (HiAP) sub-regional training following the WHO manual on HiAP with the overarching goal to effectively implement the Regional Plan of Action on HiAP across the Caribbean, a consultancy was initiated. The purpose of the consultancy was to assist in designing and implementing a quick scan across all ministries in Suriname with the aim to reducing health inequities by identifying social determinants of health and HiAP policy options.
The process was dubbed “HiAP Quick Assessment”. The consultancy has involved three missions to Suriname (June, August and October, 2015). During the first mission in June 2015, it was realised that data to support the HiAP Quick Assessment, might be available, it would be scattered and there would be considerable gaps in knowledge.
Therefore an iterative and participatory approach to data gathering and analysis was chosen in order to harvest as much of the available information as possible as well as to build consensus around the assessment result. A four-step approach was followed (Graph 1) gradually engaging more and more experts and others from Suriname and internationally. The National Consensus Workshop (held 29. August, 2015) confirmed and supplemented the Quick Assessment findings and made an official statement to this effect. Further, the workshop made a statement on a rights-based strategy for HiAP monitoring. Subsequently and again through a participatory process, eight promising entry points for policy action as well as the HiAP Monitoring Strategy were developed. These were presented at a conference (21-22 October, 2015) with high-level political participation and commitment. Hereafter, implementation phase was ready for rolling-out.
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