Resource Why bees matter
Type Journal (article)
Last update: 08/08/2018
Type: Journal (article)
Language English
Citation: The importance of bees and other pollinators for food and agriculture
Target countries: Slovenia
Summary World Bee Day presents
an opportunity to recognize the role
of beekeeping, bees and other pollinators
in increasing food security, improving nutrition
and fighting hunger as well as
in providing key ecosystem services for agriculture
Role Organisation
Network Organisation organisation details Food & Nutrition Security-Suriname netwerk
List Keywords
1.1 Socio- economic Sector (OECD) 311 Agriculture
110 Education  
1.4 Target group(s) 1. Local communities
4. Research community  
2.2 Production Chain 7. Marketing
5. Storage
1. Input Supply & Use
6. Processing
2. Production & Management  
2.3 Commodity group Other products  
3.2 Pollution-Environmental Protection 4. Human health