Resource Safety, Health and Environment in the workplace
Type Conference or workshop paper
Last update: 03/08/2018
Type: Conference or workshop paper
Language Dutch
Year of publication: 2008
Target countries: Suriname
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Summary This is a summary of the workshop held in 2008 on Safety, Health and Environment in the workplace.

The workshop was accessible to employees of large VSB member companies. Introductions were provided by experts from the Suriname Aluminum Company LLC, the Foundation for Health Services (BGZ), VNO-NCW (DECP) and Claris Arbodienst, while the NIMOS provided insight into the Surinamese policy regarding the environment.
Mr. Bob Koning, senior employment conditions advisor at the VNO-NCW provided an introduction to the legislative framework. He dealt with the subjects: ILO Convention C155; Principles of national policy; action at national level; action at the level of the company.
The ILO C155 convention deals with safety and health at work and is from 1981. This convention applies to all sectors and sectors, including public services and with the exception of a few specific sectors. It is also important that there is a coherent national policy with the aim of preventing accidents at work and occupational diseases as far as reasonably possible. The national policy must be developed in consultation with employees and employer organizations (social partners).
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