Resource Annex 3 National Quality Infrastructure Mission Report
Type Project report
Last update: 26/02/2019
Type: Project report
Language English
Target countries: Suriname
Download: 809kb
Summary This report provides some general recommendations on the content and structure of metrology legislation. Chapter 2 is a review the draft law on metrology that was submitted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism, in accordance with the principles laid down in OIML Guide D 1. Chapter 3 contains OIML’s recommendations for the structure for a metrology law, and our suggestions for the content of corresponding clause for new draft law on metrology for Suriname. For convenience, Chapter 4 presents a consolidated version for a text for a new draft law on metrology, based on the recommendations of the OIML, but with improvements.
Role Organisation
Network Organisation organisation details Food & Nutrition Security-Suriname netwerk
Role Activity
Project Output project details Review of the National Quality Infrastructure