Resource Quarterly Report IDB projectModern media unit established and operational 1st quarter 2018
Type Project report
Last update: 25/05/2018
Type: Project report
Language English
Year of publication: 2018
Target countries: Suriname
Download: 356kb
Summary Since December 2017 preparation were started to compile an excel data file with all the procurement items needed for the execution during the first quarter of the project. Therefore visits to the suppliers, enterprises and internet of specific items has carried out.
Role Organisation
Author Organisation organisation details LVV onderdirectoraat Landbouw
Network Organisation organisation details Food & Nutrition Security-Suriname netwerk
List Keywords
1.1 Socio- economic Sector (OECD) 220 Communications  
1.2 Institutional dimension Organizational change & learning
Transparency & governance
Knowledge Management & Communication  
1.4 Target group(s) 2. SMEs/Private sector
5. Decision makers/Policymakers
3. Intermediary organisations
1. Local communities
4. Research community  
5.1 Sustainability Issues 6. Services
2. Institutional Context
7. Content (Development)
4. Facilities  
5.2 Content Development 5. New Media
7. Local knowledge  
Role Activity
Progress Report project details IDB-Comp.: Agricultural Competitiveness Program