Resource Improving technical and institutional capacities for disaster and climate risk management and sustainable agriculture in Jamaica, Guyana and Suriname
Type Project report
Last update: 09/05/2018
Type: Project report
Language English
Year of publication: 2016
Authors: Ministry of Agriculture, Animal husbandry and Fisheries
Target countries: Guyana, Jamaica, Suriname
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Summary Caribbean SIDS share common constraints to their agriculture sector arising from the threats posed by both climate and disaster risk. Hurricanes, floods and droughts that have traditionally threatened agriculture producers now combine with new hazards such as rising sea level, increasing air and sea surface temperatures, ocean acidification and increasingly erratic rainfall patterns linked to climate change. The degradation of natural resources such as land, coastal and marine ecosystems linked to both human action and natural processes further compound the vulnerability of the sector. This project will address the identified needs through (i) supporting the implementation of climate resilient agriculture practices that reduce risk and are socially, economically and environmentally suitable ii) evaluating the performance of the good agriculture practices in order to measure how much loss and damages can be avoided and iii) ensuring functional inter-sectoral mechanisms and planning processes at national level to promote the necessary conditions for upscaling good practices through informed and coordinated policy decision-making and planning processes.
List Keywords
1.1 Socio- economic Sector (OECD) 410 Environmental protection
311 Agriculture  
1.3 Natural dimension Climate/Air
2.5c Agro-Ecology: Moisture zone 3. Humid  
3.1 Natural Resource Mgmt. 2. Watershed/ River Basin mgmt
5. Coastal Zone mgmt  
3.2 Pollution-Environmental Protection 8. Treatment & control
7. Prevention & recycling
1. Water