Resource Environmental and Social Analysis Summary
Type Project report
Last update: 03/05/2018
Type: Project report
Language English
Year of publication: 2018
Authors: IDB-Sandra Whiting, Environmental Consultant
Target countries: Suriname
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Summary The Inter-American Development Bank (Bank) and the Suriname Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries (LVV) are preparing the Sustainable Agricultural Productivity Program, which is designed to increase agricultural productivity in Suriname through investments in: infrastructure and management of irrigation and drainage (I&D) systems; the transfer of these system’s operation and maintenance (O&M) responsibilities to farmers organized in water boards; and to improve information-based policy-making by increasing the amount and quality of agricultural information on a national level.

The Program, to be executed by the LVV, in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Works and the OWMCP (supported by the Ministry of Regional Development) is expected to result in: an increase in rice productivity in I&D areas; an increase in rice production sustainability due to water boards operating and contributing to O&M; and improved agricultural statistics and information systems.
An environmental and social assessment (ESA) was carried out to evaluate potential impacts from the Program and to identify mitigation measures to reduce or eliminate impacts, where necessary. The results of the assessment are presented in a Draft ESA Report and are summarized in this document.
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