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Last update: 03/05/2018
Type: Project report
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Authors: The project team:Team Leader: Luis Hernando Hintze (RND/CUR) Alternate Team Leader: Michael Collins (CSD/RND) Members: Hector Valdes Conroy Ana Rios and Lisa Sofia Restrepo (CSD/RND) Raul Munoz (INE/WSA)
Target countries: Suriname
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Summary The Government of Suriname (GoS) has requested the Bank’s support to finance structural and institutional measures to increase agricultural productivity through a Specific Investment Loan (SIL).
The operation’s objective is to increase agricultural productivity in Suriname through investments in infrastructure and management of I&D systems, and by improving the quality of available agriculture statistics.
The expected results are: (i) increased agricultural productivity in I&D areas;(ii) improved water management within I&D areas; (iii) operating WB effectively contributing to O&M of I&D infrastructure; and (iv) improved statistics and
information systems. To achieve them, the program will be organized in two components.
Component 1. Irrigation and Drainage (US$16.5 million). The objective of this component is to improve the functioning and management of I&D systems in Suriname, particularly in Nickerie District, by addressing current failings in infrastructure and transferring key management and maintenance responsibilities to WB.
The program will finance: (i) rehabilitation/modernization of primary and secondary I&D infrastructure selected to benefit small- and medium-size farmers;(ii) support for developing and strengthening WB capacity to take over the O&M
of I&D systems; (iii) capacity building of government bodies in charge of water resource administration for irrigation; and (iv) design and implementation of one-time incentives mechanisms, limited in time and scope, aimed at improving efficiency in farmers’ water use and increasing their willingness to cover O&M costs.
This component will include measures to improve the water resource
sustainable management for its different uses (irrigation, environmental and human), particularly by taking into account CC impacts (i.e., in regard to water supply and demand) and considering adaptation measures.
Component 2. Agricultural Statistics and Information (US$2 million).
The objective of this component is to strengthen the Division of Agricultural Statistics (DAS) of the LVV by supporting its efforts to improve its existing information system and analytical capabilities.
This component will include financing for the:
(i) design of improvements to the agricultural information system; (ii) design and implementation of the agricultural census; (iii) design and collection of one or two years of agricultural surveys with probabilistic sampling; (iv) institutional strengthening of DAS; (v) market information systems on potential export
markets; and (vi) annual update of the estimates of the public support to the agriculture sector.
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