Resource Sustainable Management of Suriname Fisheries
Type Working paper
Last update: 01/03/2018
Type: Working paper
Language English
Year of publication: 2013
Citation: Prepared by Juan Carlos Seijo (Marist University of Merida)
Target countries: Suriname
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Summary The purpose of the study is to generate an analytical outline of the fisheries sub-sector, with special emphasis on identifying conditions for sustainable management, identify policy and/or institutional reforms, and identify needs of further technical cooperation to help Suriname achieve an internationally recognized sustainable fisheries program. To do so, (i) the status and trend of Suriname main fisheries was reviewed and analyzed, (ii) interviews were undertaken with industrial and artisanal fishers, fish processors, and aquaculture producers to identify their perception of the main issues and challenges of the fisheries and aquaculture sector, (iii) field trips to landing sites of the different types of fleets, and (iii) meetings with the Director of Fisheries and technical staff of the Department of Fisheries to jointly identify policy options, actions and capacity building needs to improve research and management of Suriname fisheries and aquaculture,
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1.1 Socio- economic Sector (OECD) 110 Education
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