Resource National masterplan for Agricultural development in Suriname: Agriculture on the left bank of the Nickerie river Left Bank of the Nickerie River Business Plan
Type Policy Paper
Last update: 01/03/2018
Type: Policy Paper
Language English
Year of publication: 2016
Citation: Part of the National Master Plan for Agricultural Development in Suriname: 1. Agriculture Developement in Surinam 2. Agriclture-Atlas 3. Agriculture -Executive Summary 4. Aquaculture Business Plan 5. Citrus Business Plan 6. Rice Business Plan 7. Vegetable Business Plan
Authors: Kaplan planners
Target countries: Suriname
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Summary Suriname has a surface of about 164,000 km² accommodating approximately 542,000 inhabitants. The country has 1,500,000 hectares suitable for farming, of which 114,000 hectares are situated in the coastal plain. In 2010, about 34,000 hectares were cultivated (including pasture). On that same land other sub-sectoral agricultural activities also took place. With respect to crops, the following distinction can be made.
Annual crops: 29,500 hectares
Perennial crops : 2,221 hectares
Biennial crops: 2,704 hectares
The share of small holdings in total agriculture was about 20,000 hectares, while state farming covered 14,000 hectares of the total land.
The objective of the agricultural development plan in general and this specific plan for rice cultivation is to encourage growth of the agricultural sector in such a manner that sustainable food security and food safety are guaranteed even for vulnerable social populations, as well as to provide for the nation as a whole by increasing export volumes and export profits.

List Keywords
1.1 Socio- economic Sector (OECD) 311 Agriculture
43040 Rural Development  
1.2 Institutional dimension Policy Development  
1.3 Natural dimension Land/Soils  
2.1 Production System Irrigated system  
2.2 Production Chain 3. Pest & Disease Control
6. Processing
4. Harvesting
5. Storage  
2.3 Commodity group Food crops  
2.4 Food Crops Rice (Oryza)  
2.5a Agro-Ecology: Thermal zone 1: Tropical  
2.5b Agro-ecology: Altitude zone Lowlands