Resource National Master Plan for Agricultural Development in Suriname: Atlas of Land Use Analysis
Type Policy Paper
Last update: 19/02/2018
Type: Policy Paper
Language English
Year of publication: 2016
Citation: Part of Masterplan for Agriculture Development in Suriname
Target countries: Suriname
Download: 470,164kb
Summary The following map atlas is an integral part of the National Master Plan for Agriculture in Suriname.
The atlas is divided into two parts: the first part delineates the different land use patterns over the entirety of the project area, i.e. the coastal plain of Northern Suriname. The individual maps within this part illustrate the land cover, with an emphasis on agriculture, with great detail, as a vital addition to the descriptions and area calculations in the report. This part is the bulk of the atlas. The second part includes maps delineating areas for suggested project implementation and agricultural training centers.
Additionally, it contains a map reviewing the "Blue Strip", the coastal area. The atlas thus serves as a geographic, visual and quantitative aid for the reader.