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Last update: 25/01/2018
Type: Policy Paper
Language Dutch
Year of publication: 2011
Citation: Preparation of Sub-Sector White Papers FAO Project TCP/SUR/3301. Dit beleidswitboek is onderdeel van de serie beleidswitboeken van het ministerie van Landbouw, Veeteelt en Visserij. De reeks bestaat uit: Tuinbouw Rijst Bananen Visserij & aquacultuur Agribusiness Agrarische gezondheid en voedselveiligheid Landbouwontwikkeling Binnenland Veeteelt.
Target countries: Suriname
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Summary The agricultural sector is also in Suriname a special sector, because the production processes are subject to natural conditions, a part of the means of production are living creatures, the production is linked to food security and rural development is strongly influenced.

The development of the sector was not optimal due to inadequate macroeconomic policies in the past dozen years. Despite the current relative recovery of the macroeconomic stability, the agricultural sector is not fully developed, because of the lack of a consistent agricultural policy,

The potential of the agricultural sector and the horticulture, therefore, must be reviewed seriously and in depth, than has been the case so far. This should take place on the basis of the data of the last agricultural census, which is still being processed.

According to the policy note 2010-2015 of the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries, the contribution of the sector in GDP in 2009 of approximately 6.8% has remained relatively constant over the past policy period.

Increase in productivity, more products per unit area, will necessarily lead to increasing export, because the local market for agricultural products in Suriname is limited. Because the production for export is limited, there is a structural under-utilization of land suitable for agriculture and horticulture. Better utilization, i.e. optimization of the production is only possible by strengthening and expansion of exports and export markets.
The modernisation and optimisation of the Surinamese horticulture can only be manifest through a integral value chain approach. A profound analysis of the existing situation, which preferably should be based on standard methods, is a prerequisite for a integral value chain innovation and optimization. Such methods make a quick objective diagnosis of the value chains possible. This means that bottlenecks can be easily detected and made clearly visible.
Innovation of agriculture, together with sustainability is the main challenge for the agricultural sector to maintain the strong competitive position.

The information from the external and internal analysis, the so-called swot analysis, can be very helpful. By relating the internal factors to the external factors, we can develop various strategies to promote the development of the sector.

Investment in agriculture will only be fruitful if accompanying policy supports institutional facilities in the areas of education, research, information, value chain logistics, and funding of sector development centers. Moreover soil fertility, hydrology, topography, drainage and the logistics will have to be considered also.

Taking into account all these criteria a multiannual plan should be drawn up in which the projects that meet the criteria of technical and allocative efficiency are listed. Considering the limited possibilities of the country, a choice must be made from the most profitable opportunities. Thereafter, plans and projects have to be formulated and executed.

The information from the Ministry to producers is extremely important.It is therefore necessary that the Ministry should take the initiative to restructure the information activities. Only in this way there will be an adequate basis for an organization that can act and control training and awareness-raising campaigns for the benefit of the agricultural sector as a whole.
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