Resource A New Workers Rights Strategy for Fairtrade
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Last update: 13/10/2014
Type: Web resource, Knowledge resource
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Year of publication: 2009
Summary Fairtrade began work to address the problems faced by landless workers in 1994 with the first Fairtrade certified tea plantations. Workers on farms and in factories are among the most vulnerable in the global trade system. Without land or not able to make a living from it, they often have few options how to make
a living. Many end up working long difficult hours for low pay, afraid to speak up for their rights for fear of losing their jobs.
Almost 20 years on, our strategic review has been an opportunity to take a critical look at our impact in this area – successes, shortfalls, opportunities – and to redefine our vision for workers.
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Network Organisation organisation details Fair Price and Fair Wages
Publisher organisation details Fairtrade International
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