Resource Living Wage for Rural Dominican Republic with Focus on Banana Growing Area of the North
Type Institutional Report Series
Last update: 10/10/2014
Type: Institutional Report Series
Language English
Year of publication: 2013
Target countries: Dominican Republic
Summary This paper estimates a living wage for rural Dominican Republic with a focus on the banana growing region in the Northern part of the country.It uses a new methodology developed by the authors that builds and improves on their earlier work on living wages published by ILO (see Anker, 2006 and Anker, 2011). This new methodology has been used so far to estimate a living wage for urban areas in 9 countries for a multi-national corporation as
well as for rural areas of Western Cape Provence South Africa for Fairtrade International (Fairtrade). The present report for Dominican Republic was supported by Fairtrade and Social Accountability (SAI) as part of their
memorandum with GoodWeave. They were joined later by three other organizations and members of the ISEAL Network of standard setters (Forest Stewardship Council, Sustainable Agriculture Network/Rainforest Alliance, and UTZ Certified). In their common declaration for a “Shared Approach to Living Wage” these organizations have committed to “adopt a common definition of living wage and apply a common methodology to estimating living wage levels … with long term goal and shared mission of these six organizations to see improvements in workers’ conditions, including wage levels, in the farms,factories and supply chains … by seeking support from
brands, buyers, and retailers to make wage growth possible at the primary production level possible and … working together with the relevant stakeholders.
Prepared by Richard Anker and Martha Anker for FairtradeInternational and Social Accountability International
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Network Organisation organisation details Fair Price and Fair Wages
Publisher organisation details Fairtrade International