Resource After the Savar tragedy, time for an international minimum wage,The Guardian
Type Journal (article)
Last update: 05/11/2013
Type: Journal (article)
Language English
Year of publication: 2013
Target countries: Bangladesh
Summary For Bangladeshis, the tragedy at the garment factory in Savar is a symbol of our failure as a nation. The crack that caused the collapse of the building has shown us that if we don't face up to the cracks in our own systems, we as a nation will get lost in the debris. Today, the souls of those who lost their lives in Rana Plaza are watching what we are doing and listening to what we say. The last breath of those souls surrounds us.

Did we learn anything at all from this terrible loss of life? Or will we have completed our duty by merely expressing our deep sympathy? What should we do, now that news of a deadly fire in another factory in Dhaka reaches us?
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