Resource Beyond Questions of Principle
Type Conference or workshop paper
Last update: 23/05/2011
Type: Conference or workshop paper
Language English
Year of publication: 2004
Summary While widely discussed, the concept of living wages remains a difficult one to implement.1 Competitive pressures, complex supply chains, and a lack of technical know-how are among the challenges complicating the issue. The title of this report, “Beyond Questions of Principle,” underscores the Fair Labor Association’s goal for the forum held at Columbia University on October 20, 2003: to engage key actors in a practical discussion about this complex topic. Leading up to the forum, the FLA observed that existing literature on the topic and previous conferences in the United States offered a good deal of guidance relating to defining and measuring a living wage, but limited guidance on other considerations that companies and their partners would need to take into account in order to implement a living wage effectively. With this in mind, the FLA set out to create a space for experts from different disciplines to share information and experiences that could help move this complex topic forward.
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Network Organisation organisation details Fair Price and Fair Wages
Publisher organisation details Fair Labor Association
List Keywords
1.1 Socio- economic Sector (OECD) 331 Trade  
1.2 Institutional dimension Social- livelihood systems/ Gender  
1.4 Target group(s) 2. SMEs/Private sector
6. General public/Opinion makers  
2.2 Production Chain 7. Marketing
8. Quality Control
2. Production & Management
9. Consumption/Product Use