Organisation Cocos netwerk
Country Suriname
Last update : 28/03/2019
Address Cocoslaan , Cocoslaan , Coronie  
Mandate Extension/public awareness
Scope 1. Community level
Summary Develop coconut industry Suriname.
Description  Develop coconut industry Suriname, initiated under the "Coconut industry development for the Caribbean by the Coconut National Stakeholders Platform (NSP). The platform contains 17 members from government and other organisations.
1.1 Socio- economic Sector (OECD) 220 Communications
311 Agriculture
1.2 Institutional dimension Administration
1.4 Target group(s) 1. Local communities
2. SMEs/Private sector
4. Research community
5. Decision makers/Policymakers
2.1 Production System 2. Mixed cropping system
2.2 Production Chain 2. Production & Management
3. Pest & Disease Control
2.3 Commodity group Food crops
2.4 Food Crops Coconut (Cocos)
2.5a Agro-Ecology: Thermal zone 1: Tropical
2: Subtropics
2.5b Agro-ecology: Altitude zone Highlands
7.1 Suriname-Districts Brokopondo
Relation Organisation Country
Member of Network organisation details Food & Nutrition Security-Suriname netwerk Suriname
Person Function(s) Country
person details Mohamed Sahkoer Khodabaks (MAAHF (LVV), FNS-Suriname) Coordinator Suriname
person details Oemar Khodabaks (FNS-Suriname) Network member Suriname