Organisation Subdirectorate Financial Management/ Onderdirectoraat Financieelbeheer(soZaVo) (ODFB)
Country Suriname
Last update : 21/02/2019
Address Waterkant 30-32 , Waterkant 32 , paramaribo  
Telephone +597 471858
Mandate Research
Scope 1. Community level
Summary Checking and monitoring with accounting, financial and administrative regulations as well as guiding and advising on the application of these rules is one of the requirements.
Description  Underdirectorate Financial Management, with the following departments:
- Secretariat
- Financial and Budget matters;
- Administration Payout Social Security

Onderdirectoraat Financieel Beheer, met de volgende afdelingen :
- Secretariaat
- Financiele- en Begrotingszaken;
- Administratie Uitbetaling Sociale Voorzieningen
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Member of Network organisation details Food & Nutrition Security-Suriname netwerk Suriname