Organisation Ministry of Social affairs and housing/ Ministerie van Sociale Zaken en Volkshuisvesting (SoZaVo) (SoZaVo)
Country Suriname
Last update : 24/01/2019
Address Waterkant 30-32 , Paramaribo  
Telephone +597 474746
Mandate Public admin./legislation/ Policy develo
Scope 3. National
Type (Semi)-Governmental
Summary The ministry aids the vulnerable groups of society, so that they can also have a decent living.

Het ministerie ondersteunt kwetsbare groepen in onze samenleving, zodat zij ook een menswaardig bestaan kunnen hebben.

Description  The vulnerable groups are categorized in:
1.The children and youth
2.The disabled
4.The Senior citizens
5.Persons and families with a minimum income
6.House seekers

1.Aid given to children and youth includes:
General Children's allowance
Social guidance
Children’s day care center
Guidance for day care center’s
Free Medical Provision

2.Aid given to the disabled includes:
Social payment
Occupational training
Free Medical Provision

3.Aid given to the tramps include:
Financial Assistance
Free Medical Provision

4.Aid given to the senior citizens:
General Old Age allowance (AOV)
Free Medical Provision

5.Aid given to the minimum income persons/families:
Financial assistance
Free Medical Provision

The Ministry is subdivided into two directorates: the social affairs directorate and the public housing directorate, which are in turn subdivided into sub-directorates.
1.1 Socio- economic Sector (OECD) 160 Other social infrastructure and services
420 Women in development (WID)
1.2 Institutional dimension Social- livelihood systems/ Gender
1.4 Target group(s) 1. Local communities
5.1 Sustainability Issues 1. Socio-economic Context
7.1 Suriname-Districts Brokopondo
Relation Organisation Country
Member of Network organisation details Food & Nutrition Security-Suriname netwerk Suriname
Person Function(s) Country
person details wangsawirana aisa (FNS-Suriname, SoZaVo) (Staff) member Suriname
person details Ormee Molly (FNS-Suriname, SoZaVo) (Staff) member Suriname
person details Rudger Rensch (FNS-Suriname, SoZaVo) (Staff) member Suriname
person details Mercha Soewarto (FNS-Suriname, SoZaVo) (Staff) member Suriname
Role Type gdfg Title Available
Author Organisation Policy Paper output details Stabilisatie- en Herstelplan (SHP) 2016 - 2018 536kb
Author Organisation Policy Paper output details organogram SoZaVo 2,316kb
Author Organisation Project report output details Verstrekking Voedselpakketten in het kader van het ‘Sociaal Verbeteringsprogramma 903kb
Author Organisation Project report output details Geconditioneerde uitkering voor kwetsbare groepen 727kb
Author Organisation Working paper output details Information sheet subdirectorate general social care 104kb