Organisation Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism (MIN-HIT)
Country Suriname
Last update : 06/11/2018
Address Havenlaan 1  
Telephone +597 402080 ext 1218
Mandate Public admin./legislation/ Policy develo
Scope 3. National
Type (Semi)-Governmental
Summary The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism has a number of explicit targets that have been laid down by law (Decree on the task description for Departments of 10 October 1991).

Description  The ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism consists of the following departments:
- Trade
- Industry
- Internal Market
- Consumer Affairs department
- Office Intellectual Property

• The promotion of domestic and foreign trade, including the import and export policy, in cooperation with the appropriate Ministries;

• the matters of commercial policy and the granting of import, export and foreign exchange licenses, insofar as these do not conflict with trade liberalization, in cooperation with the appropriate Ministries;

• the management of the cost of living and the supervision of commercial, industrial and service activities;

• the determination and management of the control of prices, as well as the quality standards, in cooperation with the appropriate Ministries;

• industrial policy and the promotion of the industrial sector, with an emphasis on the export orientation of this sector;

• The calibration and guarantee of the content of gold and silver, processed or not;

• The policy with regard to the promotion of the craft industries.

1.1 Socio- economic Sector (OECD) 250 Business and other services
321 Industry
331 Trade
332 Tourism
1.4 Target group(s) 1. Local communities
2. SMEs/Private sector
4. Research community
5. Decision makers/Policymakers
6. General public/Opinion makers
5.2 Content Development 3. Television
5. New Media
5.3 Service Delivery Channel 2. Community/Rural Radio
3. Mobile Service
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