Organisation Sustainable Food Laboratory
Country United States of America
Last update : 11/11/2015
Address 3 Linden Road , VT 05048 USA , Hartland  
Telephone +1 (802) 436-4062
Fax +1 802) 436-4066
Mandate Network development/ co-ordination
Scope 5. All levels
Type International/UN
Description  The Sustainable Food Lab is a consortium of business, non profit and public organizations working together to accelerate the shift toward sustainability.
The Sustainable Food Lab facilitates market-based solutions to the key issues—including climate, soil, poverty, and water—that are necessary for a healthy and sustainable food system to feed a growing world. The Sustainable Food Lab uses collaborative learning to incubate innovation at every stage along the supply chain from producing to distributing and selling food
1.1 Socio- economic Sector (OECD) 250 Business and other services
331 Trade
430xx Climate Change Adaptation
1.3 Natural dimension Land/Soils
Relation Organisation Country
Member of Network organisation details Fair Price and Fair Wages Netherlands