Organisation Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operatives-Zambia (MACO)
Country Zambia
Last update : 31/12/2010
Address Mulungushi house,Independene Ave. , P.O. BOX 50595, , Lusaka  
Telephone +260 01-253933
Fax +260 250305
Mandate Public admin./legislation/ Policy develo
Scope 3. National
Type (Semi)-Governmental
1.1 Socio- economic Sector (OECD) 311 Agriculture
313 Fishery
Organisation hiërarchie (subunits)
Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operatives-Zambia
Department of Agribusiness and Marketing
Department of Agriculture
Role Activity ID Activity Country
Lead project details P070063 project details Agricultural Development Support Program Zambia
Collaborator project details  project details Agriculture Support Program 'A.S.P.' Zambia
Person Function(s) Country
person details Mr. Martin N. Sishekanu (FFSnet, MACO) (Staff) member Zambia
person details Dr. Kayoya Masuhwa (MACO, eBrain- Agriculture) Programme Officer Zambia