Solution How to capture knowledge by using the Solution Tool of Share4Dev?
Last update: 25/07/2015
Summary Describing a good practice, new method, new technology or experience requires a systematic approach in capturing knowledge. A Guideline is available that will help experts to capture and share their knowledge with colleagues and/or members of your network.
Contributed by person details Mr. Ruud Crul (Share4Dev, InfoBridge, CC, ICT4D, FFSnet)
Challenge/Issue How to capture a good practices, new methodology, new technology or experience?
Method A Guideline - attached in the linked resource - has been prepared to capture knowledge items using the Solution tool at the Share4DEv Knoewledge base. This tool is also available for all networks of Share4Dev.
Lessons learned The Knowledge capturing guideline provides a step-by-step method to describe a good practice, new method, new technology or experience.
List Keywords
1.2 Institutional dimension Knowledge Management & Communication
Organizational change & learning
5.1 Sustainability Issues 7. Content (Development)
5.2 Content Development 7. Local knowledge
Role Person name
Describer person details Mr. Ruud Crul
Role Organisation Acronym
Network Organisation organisation details Fair Price and Fair Wages FairPrice
Network Organisation organisation details ICT for Development ICT4D
Function Activity
Research / M&E project details Packing House Suriname
Type Title Function Download
Manual or guideline output details How to capture and share knowledge using the Solution Tool of Share4Dev ' How to' manual 585kb
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