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Resource A Blue Urban Agenda: Adapting to Climate Change in the Coastal Cities of Caribbean and Pacific Small 06/06/2017
The SIDS donor mapping analysis in this book illustrates how the donor community has responded positively to the challenge of adapting to climate change in SIDS.The donor community provided $55.6 billion in Official Development Assistance (ODA) to Caribbean and Pacific SIDS between 1995 and 2015, nearly doubling average annual aid flows (in current prices).

The book is organized in six c 
Person Bob Jan Schoot (Agriterra) 10/05/2017
Organisation UNDP Myanmar 09/05/2017
Activity Improvement of Agricultural Livelihoods and Resilience for Conflict Affected Communities in Ethnic M 09/05/2017
The main outcome of the project is “Improved household food security and increased resilience to floods and cyclones in conflict and natural disaster prone areas”.
Main components:
- Provision of agricultural inputs
- asset rehabilitation and replacement,
- disaster risk reduction
It focused on 12,000 families in Rakhine and Chin and implementation in close coordination with  read more...
Solution How to capture knowledge by using the Solution Tool of Share4Dev? 22/07/2015
Describing a good practice, new method, new technology or experience requires a systematic approach in capturing knowledge. A Guideline is available that will help experts to capture and share their knowledge with colleagues and/or members of your network.   read more...