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Activity 3ADI+-Suriname 14/06/2018
3ADI+ Suriname will work with value chain actors to identify systemic problems and provide advice on investments and policies to foster an enabling environment for agribusiness and agro-industry.   read more...
Organisation embassy of China-Suriname 13/06/2018
Resource Disposal of Obsolete Pesticides including POPs, Promotion of Alternatives and Strengthening Pesticid 13/06/2018
The Caribbean Region consists largely of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in which tourism and agriculture are major revenue earners and important sources of employment. Shifts away from commercial production of commodities (sugarcane, bananas) have contributed to an estimated 200 tons of stockpiles of obsolete chemicals belonging to former commodity farms, which are beyond the capacity of th  read more...
Person curt delice 11/06/2018
Solution How to capture knowledge by using the Solution Tool of Share4Dev? 22/07/2015
Describing a good practice, new method, new technology or experience requires a systematic approach in capturing knowledge. A Guideline is available that will help experts to capture and share their knowledge with colleagues and/or members of your network.   read more...