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1021 Manual or guideline output details Wireless Networking in the Developing World; A practical guide to planning and building low-cost telecommunications infrastructure, First edition 1,973kb
1022 Scoping study, Desk study, Survey output details Wireless Technology for Social Change: Trends in Mobile Use by NGOs 1,128kb
1023 Web resource, Knowledge resource output details WirelessU.org wirelessu.org/
1024 Web resource, Knowledge resource output details WirelessU.org;training materials wirelessu.org/units/..
1025 Scoping study, Desk study, Survey output details Wiring sub-Saharan Africa for development 187kb
1026 Web resource, Knowledge resource output details WNDW.net wndw.net/index.html..
1027 Web resource, Knowledge resource output details WNDW.net(low bandwidth version) www.loband.org/..
1028 Manual or guideline output details Worm control in sheep www.anancy.net/..
1029 Journal (article) output details Youth Interns and The Strategic Deployment of ICTs for Public Access.The Journal of Community Informatics, Vol 2 No 3 (2006) Special Issue: Telecentres ci-journal.net/..
1030 Conference or workshop paper output details Zambia country report to the CTO Conference on ‘Connecting Rural Communities’ 4,957kb
1031 Policy Paper output details Zambia Information and Communication Technologies Bill, 2009 8,470kb
1032 Scoping study, Desk study, Survey output details Zambia still lagging in local content production 23kb
1033 Policy Paper output details Zambia Telecommunications Sector Performance Review 2007 1,392kb
1034 Presentation (video, TV, radio, interview) output details Zambia: Interactive education by radio www.youtube.com/..
1035 Policy Paper output details Zambian Telecommunications Act 1994 223kb
1036 Extension leaflet, brochure, policy brief or poster output details ZittNet Nigeria 1,038kb
1037 Manual or guideline output details ZittNet – Fantsuam Foundation's Community Wireless Network:How to set up a rural Wireless Internet Service Provider in Africa 811kb