Resource Afriboxes,Telecentres,Cybercafes: ICT in Africa
Type Journal (article)
Last update: 24/12/2010
Type: Journal (article)
Language English
Authors: Mike Jensen
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Summary African countries can make leapfrog jumps forward in communication connectedness by adopting new technologiesónecessarily using different strategies than developed countries followed. The process in Africa must be tailored to such specific conditions as generally low income levels, limited formal business activity, the muchgreater importance of the rural population and small producers, and shared use of such communication resources as newspapers, Internet accounts and village TV sets. These factors are discussed by Mike Jensen, an independant consultant based in South Africa, who has helped establish information-communications systems in over 30 African countries, and internet services for nongovernmental organizations in Canada, Australia and South Africa.
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Network Organisation organisation details ICT for Development
List Keywords
5.1 Sustainability Issues 1. Socio-economic Context
5. Technology
6. Services  
5.2 Content Development 4. Video
2. Radio
5. New Media
3. Television