Resource Adapting Learning Materials for Distance Learning
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Last update: 24/12/2010
Type: Manual or guideline
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Summary In face-to-face education, instructors are present to guide the instructional/learning process. In distance education (DE) instructors and students are separated and instructors have limited opportunity to observe, challenge, motivate and provide corrective feedback. DE materials must address these missing instructional functions. For example, to use a traditional classroom handout for DE you must supplement it with information about student objectives, provide practice activities and identify additional learning resources.
If you cannot find an existing DE course that meets the needs of
your students and your institution, you must decide to:
• Develop a new course
• Adopt an existing DE course
• Adapt or modify existing DE or traditional classroom learning materials.
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Network Organisation organisation details ICT for Development
Publisher organisation details Commonwealth of Learning
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1.1 Socio- economic Sector (OECD) 110 Education  
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