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Resource Alternatives to privatised telecommunication: Right2Know’s Campaign for a More Democratic Informati 15/03/2017
This report will conduct case study analysis of several alternative models to privatised telecommunications using the principles outlined by Right2Know as a framing reference. The principles adopted by Right2Know attempt to exemplify a more democratic approach to telecommunications by focusing on community access to decision making around ICT development, public ownership of networks, progressive   read more...
Person Dr. Israr Qureshi (ICT4D, FFSnet, TeleSupport India) 24/05/2016
Solution How to capture knowledge by using the Solution Tool of Share4Dev? 22/07/2015
Describing a good practice, new method, new technology or experience requires a systematic approach in capturing knowledge. A Guideline is available that will help experts to capture and share their knowledge with colleagues and/or members of your network.   read more...
Organisation United Nations Development Programme - Ethiopia 20/06/2013
UNDP works in Ethiopia to support the county's priorities as defined in the national five year development plan, the Growth and Transformation (GTP). The GTP (2010/11-2014/15), as was the case with Ethiopia’s previous five-year national plans, complements the country’s efforts to meet the MDG. UNDP’s key interventions in Ethiopia fall under these three programme pillars: • Growth and Poverty Reduc  read more...
Activity YPARD Mentorship Programme 29/01/2012
YPARD is developing a Mentorship Program.
For more information see URL above at YPARD website.