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Person Dr. Kevin Gallagher (FFSnet, Kenya FFSnet, FAO-SL)
Last update: 16/11/2005


Email : kevin.gallagher@fao.org
Description: FAO Senior Staff working on food security related programmes with strong background in IPM and adult/community education through FFS and networking institutions.
1.1 Socio- economic Sector (OECD) 311 Agriculture
1.4 Target group(s) 1. Local communities
2.2 Production Chain 3. Pest & Disease Control
Function Organisation Acronym
(Exec.) Director organisation details FAO Representation in Sierra Leone organisation details FAO-SL
Network member organisation details Kenya FFS Network organisation details Kenya FFSnet
Network member organisation details Farmer Field School Network and Resource Centre organisation details FFSnet
Type Title Download
Journal (article) output details Elementos fundamentales de una Escuela de Campo para Agricultores - ECA. 134kb
Journal (article) output details Community study programmes for integrated production and pest management: Farmer Field Schools 73kb
Journal (article) output details Farmer Education for IPM 487kb
Journal (article) output details Self-financing access to new technologies: East African farmer innovations 953kb
Book / Book chapter output details Developments and innovations in Farmer Field Schools and Training of Trainers. 152kb
Extension leaflet, brochure, policy brief or poster output details Self-Financed Field Schools: Helping Farmers Go Back to School in IPM/IPPM 82kb
Extension leaflet, brochure, policy brief or poster output details Frequently Asked Questions on HIV/AIDS Facts. 75kb
Manual or guideline output details Farmers Field Schools (FFS): A Group Extension Process Based on Adult Non-Formal Education Methods 33kb
Manual or guideline output details Community-Based Rice IPM Programme Development: A Facilitator's Guide. 392kb
Manual or guideline output details Champs-Ecoles des Producteurs. 52kb
Conference or workshop paper output details Common Questions, answers and suggestions on Farmer Field Schools 31kb
(e-)Newsletter (article) output details Key Factors Underlying Successful Marketing for Small Farmers. 50kb
(e-)Newsletter (article) output details Fundamental elements of a Farmer Field School 280kb
(e-)Newsletter (article) output details Incorporating nutrition in farmer field schools 128kb
(e-)Newsletter (article) output details Rural Knowledge Management Strategies: Lessons and Challenges. 102kb
Other output details Demystifying Farmer Field School Concepts 51kb
Other output details Research - Education Spectrum of IPM/IPPM Activities 29kb